Set of 4 P.E.T. Recyclable Waterproof Outdoor Banner Poster

The Esstentials - Set of 4 P.E.T. Recyclable Waterproof Outdoor Banner Posters (SAVE 10% on RRP)

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10% Discount when you buy 4 banners

This set of banners include four of our most popular of banners:
  • Leaf Identification - 49 leaves of the most common trees of the British Isles designed to go on camp.
  • Learn the most essential knots - 7 classic knots we should all know - designed as a teaching aid to help students  and terminology.
  • Cloud Identification
  • UK Garden Bird Identification

Ideal for Forest Schools, on camp and for outdoor activity centres or hang in your group activity hall or class room.

Made from high quality blackout fully recyclable P.E.T. and printed in high resolution, using ECO solvents. Ink manufacturers lifespan is in an outdoor environment of 1-2 years, so I recommend not leaving in a permement outdoor envirnment to extend the lifespan.  

Not as roughty toughty as the P.V.C. material but fully recyclable at end of life. 

Size: approximately 594 x 841 mm

These Banners are made to order so please allow 6 working days for delivery.

This offer does not include the Garden Birds banner.