Blackcap Bird Painting fine art print
Framed print Blackcap painting

Blackcap framed print bird painting fine art print

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This framed print of a hand painted Blackcap bird printed on to high quality cotton rag paper using giclee pigments inks, which makes the prints resistant to the effects of UV light (unlike dye prints which fade quickly when exposed to sunlight).

Each bird took hours of research and anywhere from a day to 3 days to meticulously paint, using gauche on Bristol board.

Jonathan started painting the series of birds in July 2019 and completed the 50 paintings in January 2020.

The A4 Blackcap print is formatted to fit 10" x 8" (25 x 20cm) frames, with an picture window size of 8” x 6” (20 x 15cm).  The print will require cutting down to fit.